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Potsdam enables its 145.000 inhabitants to follow their very individual lifestyle and each part of the town has its own endearing charm. Numerous historic sites, new parks and the landscape alongside the river Havel contribute a great deal to the infinite beauty of Potsdam.

The city centre

The city centre’s architecture benefits from a wide range of historic buildings that have been lovingly restored during the last decades. In former times surrounded by a city wall, the streets run in straight lines and shape a baroque townscape until today. The Dutch Quarter and the three well preserved town gates are unique in their magnificence.
Since 2000, Potsdam has a new main station, located between the city centre and the seat of the Brandenburg parliament.


Babelsberg is the place to go if you are looking for tranquility and excitement at the same time. As a place to live, it offers accommodation of any kind. You’d like to live in a restored weaver’s house of the 18th century? Or rather in a house a hundred years younger but still as comfortable and lovely as your own? Maybe living in an Art Nouveau house is more your style? And why not call a luxurious villa your home for some time? Even though Babelsberg was founded almost 300 years ago under Frederick II, it has not lost its very individual character. And from here to the city centre of Berlin it only takes 20 minutes by S-Bahn.

The inner suburbs (Vorstädte)

The Nauener Vorstadt is characterized by a very particular building type that is a mixture between an imposing villa and an apartment house. Having provided homes for officers and higher civil servants in the 19th century, those buildings nowadays offer high value accommodation. From here, the Cecilienhof in the park Neuer Garten as well as the Russian colony of Alexandrowka are just a stone’s throw away.
North of the city centre, in direction of Park Sanssouci, there is the Jägervorstadt. The streets are dominated by cottages, villas surrounded by huge gardens and Wilhelmina style apartment houses.
Located close to three huge lakes and the park Neuer Garten whilst not being far from the city centre, the Berliner Vorstadt is one of the most popular areas for living. The shores of Jungfernsee, Tiefem See and Heiligem See are home to luxurious villas with huge gardens as well as family houses or apartment houses.

North Potsdam

The family place – full of wide meadows, long distance cycle routes and footpaths, the north combines leisure facilities for young and old. The area includes the districts of Bornim, Bornstedt, Sacrow, Grube and Eiche.

West Potsdam

Closer to the city centre but still not far from places of leisure or walks along the river Havel located the Brandenburger Vorstadt. The residential area offers a high living standard and from the Brandenburg gate it is only a short walk to Park Sanssouci.

South Potsdam

The south and southeast areas are home to low-cost dwellings and are often occupied by students or senior citizens. The districts of Am Stern, Drewitz, Kirschsteigfeld, Schlaatz, Waldstadt I and Waldstadt II are the largest residential areas with 45% of all inhabitants of Potsdam living there. The number of unoccupied flats is only two to five percent. There are waiting lists for one and two bedrooms apartments.

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